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Upcoming Exhibition

You are all invited to this exciting exhibition happening in a couple of weeks time. There is going to be some fantastic work on display. You will be able to see work by all of the following artists, @olivia_grace_art_, @tomstrutton, @victoriamanser_art,@kevinhaywardart, @joandotherstuff, @julielongdonart, @sarapitkeathlyart and of course me as well. There will also be work from the Class of 2018 on display. I have reasons to be extra proud as I taught the Photography pupils who will be showing their work.

I will be exhibiting work from my website as well as some brand new artwork. There is a private view on Friday 12 October. This will be ticket only so if you would like to attend, send me a message, and I will sort you out some tickets. Spread the word as it would be great to see as many people there as possible. More exciting exhibition news in next weeks blog!

I've been busy this week completing another large-scale work for an art prize. Deadline is Sunday! Have to complete, photograph and finish the application. Just busy adding some details using thread. Alongside this, I have been completing new work for the exhibition.

The weather has been glorious today, and Reggie loves to paddle in any type of water that he can find. A walk before I start working is a great way to start the day, although I might not be quite as keen once we get to November!

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