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New Collection for Spring 2022

"Blossom Under the Dance of Snowfall"

          Nature is chaotic, messy and dazzling with many layers of colour, pattern and texture. Even at its most simple, there are hidden complexities never far from the surface, much like life itself. However, no matter how detailed, you can always find a sense of harmony and balance. A strange contradiction, like snow falling on a springtime blossom tree.

          As an artist, it is the complication and intricacy of nature that I am constantly drawn to. No matter how elaborate and convoluted it is, my challenge is to create that feeling of equity. Every mark on the canvas has been deliberately created and placed to achieve that clash of disarray and unanimity.

          My challenge for you as the viewer is to look through the layers and absorb the details. At a first glance, there is a riot, a visual overload, too much information! As your eyes and your brain adjusts to the rhythm of the artwork you may find the balance that we all strive for?

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